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Regions in Hiyama


Maps of Hiyama area municipalities Okushiri Setana Imakane Otobe Esashi Assabu Kaminokuni
  • Okushiri
  • Imakane
  • Setana
  • Otobe
  • Assabu
  • Esashi
  • Kaminokuni

Hiyama in HokkaidoAn approximately one-hour drive from Hakodate on Route 227 going across the Oshima Peninsula to the west and over Mt. Tengu-dake and Mt. Sankakuyama leads you to Assabu Town. The town is located in the Hiyama area, which is comprised of the seven towns of Esashi, Kaminokuni, Assabu, Otobe, Okushiri, Imakane and Setana.

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Hiyama Activities

Hiyama Trip to Enjoy History

Hiyama Trip to Enjoy History

Memories of ancient times remain throughout Hiyama. They are especially vivid in Kaminokuni and Esashi where Hokkaido began. Places and objects from the olden days provide us with a glimpse of people's perspectives at that time, and the valuable traces that remain today convey their power and passion.

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Hiyama Trip to Enjoy Festivals

Hiyama Trip to Enjoy Festivals

The festival tradition has been handed down for generations. Dignified and vibrant, festivals in Hiyama are all the more powerful because it is the birthplace of Hokkaido. Summer, a time when Hiyama brims with festival excitement, is the best season to visit this place as it is also the season for various marine products. The roots of Hokkaido culture can be seen in the lively festival atmosphere.

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Hiyama Trip to Enjoy Local Food

Hiyama Trip to Enjoy Local Food

Hiyama, which is blessed by fertile land and a sea of abundance, boasts an array of specialty products that please the palate. In addition to its abundance of ingredients, Hiyama has developed its own food culture through interactions with other parts of the country as the birthplace of Hokkaido. Hiyama offers the opportunity to fully enjoy the delicious flavors of Hokkaido, the origin of culinary delights.

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